Pinto, Katy M.
TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association
Publication year: 2015

This is an immigration exercise and lesson that teaches students the four components of the concept of context of reception. The exercise uses an open ended survey that students complete in the classroom and a PowerPoint presentation that introduces and explains the concept. The survey is used together with the PowerPoint presentation. The survey establishes the current level of knowledge that students have in this area. The survey is then used in conjunction with the PowerPoint to introduce the context of reception and to discuss the four components of context of reception. The exchange between the survey and the PowerPoint that is facilitated by the instructor generates discussion and the instructor can connect the material in the PowerPoint to the survey. The four components of context of reception are discussed and the consequences of each on immigrant settlement. In addition, the importance of using the context of reception as part of the sociological imagination is discussed. The exercise can be used as a quick overview and could be completed in 30 minutes, but it could also be adapted to include a larger and more in-depth discussion over 40 to 60 minutes. This exercise is appropriate for lower division and upper division students learning about immigration.