What am I working on?

My research and teaching interests explore the ways in which social inequalities are created or maintained through individual, familial, and structural characteristics. I am interested in Latinx sociology, family and work, higher education, and professional development. I focus on a wide range of issues including inequalities in the division of household labor within families, differences in higher education for graduate students, and gender and racial differences in work.  My research lab, Social Problems Research Lab, gives students hands on experience with data collection, management, and analysis, and prepares them for graduate school.

Social Problems Research Lab

My lab provides graduate and undergraduate students with opportunities to gain valuable skills through research. Students are actively involved in IRB approval, survey design, data collection, management, and analysis. Students present research at our Student Research Day and regional and national conferences and work on manuscripts for publication. We also explore career and graduate school opportunities together because many students ask, “What can I do with a sociology degree?” I hope to teach them that the possibilities are endless.

STEM Education Research

“Work-focused Experiential Learning to Increase STEM Student Retention and Graduation at Two-year Hispanic-serving Institutions” Phoenix College, Arizona State University, and Excelencia in Education, NSF #1953763

This project seeks to provide students with mentored work experiences in computer information systems. Students will have access to on-campus work experiences and internships in businesses and industries. It is expected that these experiences will increase undergraduate student interest, persistence, and success in computer information systems, as well as in STEM more broadly. During their work experiences, students will be mentored by faculty, industry professionals, and peers. To strengthen the capacity of faculty to serve all students, including Hispanic students, the project will provide faculty with professional development focused on equity mindset.













STEM Eductation Research

Creating Opportunities for Student Retention and Degree Attainment in Engineering and Science, Westhills Community College, NSF #1930392

The overall goal of this project is to increase STEM degree completion of low-income high achieving undergraduates with demonstrated financial need. Three objectives guide this project. First, to increase the recruitment, retention, student success, and graduation (or transfer to four year programs) of eligible students pursuing associate degrees. Second, to adapt, develop, implement, and study evidence-based practices that support student success. Third, to contribute to the documentation and dissemination of evidence-based curricular and co-curricular activities for students underrepresented in STEM fields of study.













Sociology of Work

Gig Economy and Inequality

Is the gig economy widening racial inequality? Understanding the participation of African Americans in digital platform work (with Dr. Nancy Deng, Information Systems). Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political & Economic Institute (MDAAPEI)